Refurbishing for us means a quality-assured mechanical and electrical overhaul of existing systems, regardless of the manufacturer!
This can go hand in hand with functional expansions or process optimizations as well as the exchange of complete controls including new machine / system software.

Monorail Systems:

In almost all laundries, where monorail systems are used, with increasing age and wear and tear of the system there is a steadily growing number of faults and interruptions in the rail system (i.e. trolleys stop, stoppers clamp, blocking lifts, etc.). These faults have to be fixed manually by an operator. It is often a huge number of small faults, only recognized many minutes before they are remedied. In the daily routine this is often accepted as „normal“.

This costs your company enormous productivity and therefore profit!

An exchange of the complete monorail system is usually not the best and certainly not the cheapest choice! It often makes no sense to replace complete monorail systems, because on the one hand the investment costs for a total replacement are very high and on the other hand the dismantling of the old system and the installation of a new system often requires a few weeks of downtime.

Restoring or optimizing / expanding the original state of the system increases the per capita output and the operational liability, optimizes energy consumption and at the same time has a positive impact on your ecological balance.

The experience has taught us, that an investment in refurbishing will charge off in just a few months!

We are highly specialized in overhauling, optimizing and expanding monorail systems from all leading manufacturers!

Process optimization by control modernization:

Substantially, many laundry machines are designed for durability, which is contrary to the interests of the manufacturers. Modern machines are essentially characterized by faster and smarter technology, whereas the basic mechanical substance differs only slightly from the previous models.

Thanks to the decades of experience of its engineers in laundry machine construction, LST Automation GmbH is your ideal partner for the modernization of production systems in modern industrial laundries. From a business point of view, we show you step-by-step the way to your digital laundry.

Smaller investments in modern control and process technology mean, that short-term business success can already be achieved today without losing sight of the overall concept („big picture“):

  • Optimize process technologies
  • Save resources / ecology
  • Increased productivity by automation
  • Smart logistics
  • operations control system
  • Process monitoring and process control
  • Preventive maintenance / quality 4.0
  • Robotics
  • Digital security concepts – cyber security
  • Industry 4.0
  • IoT – Internet of things
  • digital factory


For many types of machines we are able to offer you the option of modernizing the control system, e.g. for washer extractors, CBW’s, extraction presses & centrifuges, stand-alone dryers, network dryer systems and logistics, ironers, terry-towel folders etc.

We are happy to advise you during a first on-site consultancy and show you your possibilities!

Our employees have more than 150 years of experience in laundry technology. (Photo: Malbergweich facility in the Eifel Germany)

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